Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How patience are we?

Monday morning is always a moody day for me as I always feel my week ends are too short. As usual, first thing I do when I reached my office is to go through my diary to check all the appointments for the day. Huh!... phuuh… luckily there is no meeting or morning prayer today!...

While I was concentrating on some documents that I need to verify and sign, my telephone rang non-stop, disrupting my concentration. Annoyed and fade-up with the noise I answered the phone ruthlessly.

“Hajjah!.. se…semua ikan dalam peti ais sudah hampir busuk!” I heard my maid stammering.
“Huh!... pasal apa?” I shout at the poor lady.
“Ngak tahu… mungkin peti aisnya rusak sejak malam tadi!...” as if scared that I will shout again at her, my maid answered me politely.

Huh!... I haled a deep breath, try to inhale some oxygen to ease the stress that struck in my head. Ah….again!.. the refrigerator not functioning! The worst part is, lot of raw stuffs are packed inside it… as usual I only do my marketing once a week and Monday is only the 1st day of the week!... the whole lots will get bad if I don’t get my refrigerator on immediately! It’s really pull my blood pressure to the ‘dangerous’ level!...

Oh!... the issue of how to cope-up with the increase of petrol hike is still lingering in my mind, now cost of repairing the refrigerator is another issue that messing my head. This is more crucial as it’s a necessity for all houses to have a refrigerator now days compared to other household products. Whether I like it or not, I have to get it repaired or replaced immediately. Allah is great!... And Alhamdulillah, by 7.00 pm, the new refrigerator was already taking the place of the old one! (The old one had added to another ‘antic & invaluable collections’ in our wet kitchen).

Lying on the bed, thinking of all the hassle that I’ve gone through the whole afternoon, I realized that I’m still lucky. This is just a small test (dugaan) that Allah gave me to test my patience (kesabaran) as His ‘makhluk’ in this world compared to all the ‘rezeki’ and prosperity that Allah has given me and my family. I know that Allah still loves me and all these hassles will avoid me being ungrateful to how great and generous is Allah to all of us in this world. He tested us for a pinch but He will return us the full bunch of glory if we always grateful and patience whenever we face any difficulties!..

I always remind myself; “Life is like a wheel, sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down. Don’t get frustrated/give-up when we are down and don’t get arrogant when we are up because the wheel can moves anytime! Look up for inspiration and look down for satisfaction!”

I’m really grateful that Allah still gives me a chance to breathe today and share this story with all my friends. May Allah bless us all…Aaamiiiinnnnn….

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