Monday, September 29, 2014

We're not alone...

When there's no one around us, it doesn't mean we're alone,
When we lost something that we really loved, it doesn't mean we lost everything,
When we can't get what we aimed, it doesn't mean it's the end.

ALLAH knows everything, 
ALLAH knows what is best for us, not what we think is good, 
ALLAH knows that we may forget HIM if we get everything,
ALLAH gives us what we actually need not what we want,
ALLAH loves us, that's why ALLAH tested us so we will always come back to HIM.

ALLAH created us and HE knows everything about us,
ALLAH gives us everything we need to live even though we may against HIS orders.

Pray to ALLAH,
Ask for HIS forgiveness,
Ask for HIS loves,
Ask for HIS blessing,
Ask for HIS assistance,
As ALLAH will never ignore our requests, as other people would be. 

Alhamdulillah... Thank you ALLAH for all YOUR loves, blessings and gifts that we're enjoying now and ever after.

Hanya ALLAH Tuhan yang kami sembah, tiada Tuhan lain melainkan ENGKAU, Ya ALLAH. Redhailah kami, rahmatilah kami dan berkatilah hidup kami dari dunia hingga ke akhirat. Masukkanlah kami ke syurga Firdaus MU dengan tanpa hisab... Aaamiinnn...  

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Do the best. Leave to ALLAH the rest...

Never burn the bridge that we had passed. We never know that we may need it again one day.

Never be easily attracted by the greener look of our neighbor's lawn. It could be just a synthetic grass. Appreciate what we have as we ourselves know best about it genuineness.

Never curse or hate a person who daringly & sincerely telling us about our weaknesses. We never know he / she may be the one who will save our life and show us the way to heaven.

Never give-up when we had done our best. Think positive, be positive & stay positive. Keep on doing the best and leave to ALLAH the rest. 

Remember that ALLAH is always with us and willingly guiding us whenever we need a guide. Look for HIS blessing & love as HE will never turn us down.