Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Do the best. Leave to ALLAH the rest...

Never burn the bridge that we had passed. We never know that we may need it again one day.

Never be easily attracted by the greener look of our neighbor's lawn. It could be just a synthetic grass. Appreciate what we have as we ourselves know best about it genuineness.

Never curse or hate a person who daringly & sincerely telling us about our weaknesses. We never know he / she may be the one who will save our life and show us the way to heaven.

Never give-up when we had done our best. Think positive, be positive & stay positive. Keep on doing the best and leave to ALLAH the rest. 

Remember that ALLAH is always with us and willingly guiding us whenever we need a guide. Look for HIS blessing & love as HE will never turn us down. 

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