Monday, June 16, 2014

You & Me in the Cyber world...

We are created and born as a different gender,
So we can naturally be paired off together.
Our feeling and soul are blown into our body,
So our emotion and desire can fill our heart.

Accidentally we are met in the digital world
Happily chatting although never see each other
Our mind and thinking keep talking similar phrases
Hoping the true feeling will get us together.

In the dream our heart and soul are always met
Causing emotion and desire are beating the same rhythm.
But…  a dream is always a dream
Near at heart but far away in real world.

To hold our hands together seems a false hope
Although our love had grown deep in our heart
May be we are not meant for each other
Even how hard we tried to be together.

We are separated thousands of miles on land and sea
We can only hear voices and see faces virtually
We never stop hoping to meet each other eventually
And to ALLAH we always put our hope and pray.

My life will be wonderful if you’re here with me… 
Indahnya hidup ini SEANDAINYA KAU ADA bersamaku…