Saturday, July 7, 2012

Do we think of ALLAH?...

I got this phrases from someone who likes me to share it with all my other friends, thus I quickly post it here, hoping it could stimulate our heart and soul to think, "Are we good enough to Allah? Do we think of Allah as much as Allah think of us?"

When you think of Allah, Allah will think of you too,
When you missed Allah, Allah will miss you too,
When you talk to Allah, Allah will listen to you,
When you feel grateful to Allah, Allah will give you more,
When you tend to forget Allah, Allah will never forget you,
When you ignore Allah, Allah still care about you,
Allah gives you everything that you need and never ask for payment...

Thus, never ever try to challenge Allah
as Allah knows everything about you.
Only ALLAH, there's no other than ALLAH
should we devote ourself - before, now and forever...

Thus, my dear friends,
Please take the advantage of Ramadhan to get more blessing from ALLAH...
Are we ready for it?...