Saturday, June 7, 2008

Do we need to change our life style just to meet petrol hike?

The petrol hike had really made everybody annoyed, angry, frustrated, tension and so many other unhappy feelings that I cannot describe. I myself feel very stressful with all the consequences that may happen due to the effect of the petrol hike.

Whether we like it or not, the price of the petrol in Malaysia is already set by the government. RM2.70 per litre is not a small amount to most of us. Government has promised to review it every month and it is not impossible that it can be increased anytime if the world price keeps going up. What can we do?

This morning my hubby had laid out several measures in our family as to cope with the potential inflation.

Hubby: Start form now, mama can only go to Spa once a month instead of every fortnightly.
Mama: Why?
Hubby: To cover your petrol cost!
Mama: How about your golfing, go-cart, tennis or badminton?
Hubby: They remain status quo.
Mama: Why?
Hubby: I need to keep myself healthy in order for me to work harder to earn more income for the family…
Mama: Huhuuhuhu… it’s unfair! (I protested)…
Hubby: Why?
Mama: I also have to keep myself healthy in order to make sure all family members are healthy! If I’m sick, who’s going to take care of you and the children?
Hubby: Eeemmmm… you’re right dear! … (at last we both laughed knowing that we need to find some other alternatives!.. hehehe…)

The morale of the story, what ever happen, we need to continue our living but we also need to find a way how to make our life more meaningful even if we need to change our life style. We cannot change something that beyond our control or beyond our circle of influence, but we can still change that is something within our means.

Those are only my own perceptions. May be my friends, you have some other ideas that we can share, please share them here…

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