Saturday, March 6, 2010

Passion & LOVE... way of good life?...

Last week I've attended a seminar on Teaming with Passion conducted by Dr. Lawrance Walter Ng, one of the popular speaker for subject on 'Transformation'. It was a good session and frankly speaking, even at my current age, I found that the seminar was very useful to me. It thought us a lot on how to face all the challenges in this new era of business environment, new culture of life, the right communication and the important thing was on how to manage our own way of life.
There were lots of activities that required the participation of the participants. We were grouped into 6 different groups. One of the activities required everyone to write an essay on what we understood from the 1st day session and every activities contributed by the participants will be given points as to add to their group's marking, which a symbolic of revenue brought in by an employee to the organization.
Just would like to share my joy with everyone that my essay had earned 3.5 millions points and got the "Wow!..." from Dr. Lawrence and other facilitators. It had helped to push my group from no. 5 to no. 3 by the end of the sessions. Here is the essay for your reading pleasure!...


When the question of “what do you mean by passion” was asked on our 1st activity this morning, spontaneously I thought about LOVE. To me passion is LOVE. When you have the passion, it is equally when you have the feeling of LOVE.

Before I go further on what ‘ahaah..’ did I get from the training, I would like to share with all my friends why I associated passion with Love.

When talking about love, what comes to our mind is merely a relationship between a man and a woman. Very rare that we’ll think love is something more than just the beautiful feeling between the two genders.

Basically love is something that relates with feelings between two parties. It’s not only between the two different genders, but it can also exists between similar gender, between human and other things in this world, and the most valued & prestigious love is between human and our Great Creator ie: ALLAH or GOD.

When love exists, everything is so pleasant and beautiful. A husband can easily forgive his wife and vice versa when love embraces their marriage. Children will never neglect their parents when their life is surrounded with feeling of love. A man will never hurt his girlfriend in any aspects and vice versa when sincere love bounded their relationship. A human will never hurt an animal if love exists in his/her heart. A friendship can last forever when sincere love is the basic of their beliefs & trusts. An organization can be prosperous and successful if every of its employee loves their jobs and tasks.

But, how many of us realized the wonders and powers of love could affect our daily life?

I’ve seen a dying man suffering from cancer can still smiles and greet all his visitors because the feeling of love that always exists in his mind. He believes that, only love could bring all his friends to his side even when his time is clocking out from this world. The loves from his friends could relief the pain and encourage him to be stronger, although only God knows how he suffered!

I have another friend who had been in his job for the last ten years without having any career progression, but he’s still there giving his full commitment & loyalty to the organization. I used to ask him, “Why are you still here while with your skills & expertise, you can have better career progression and opportunities somewhere else?”
“I love my job and my employer. I love the organization!...” answers that I never expected and has never been in my mind. It’s no harm giving your LOVE to someone or whatever you feel that deserves your LOVE because it is like Leveraging Of Valuable Efforts in order to maximize productivity

After second thought, I intend to agree with him and came-up with an interesting formula as follows:-

Leveraging Of Valuable Efforts (LOVE) = Synergy
Synergy = Team work & commitment
Team work & commitment = Economy of scale on resources
Economy of scale on resources = maximized productivity at lower cost
Maximized productivity at lower cost = PROFIT.

Huh… this is something interesting to ponder!... Isn’t it good if an organization can inculcates the feeling of LOVE in every of its employees! Love their jobs, love their team members, love their work environment and the most important thing; LOVE the company.

LOVE is something that everybody needs in their life but sometimes do not know where to get it. LOVE is a booster that everyone needs in managing wonderful life in this world. LOVE is part of required immunization for everyone to prevent negative influences that had been spreading like active virus in our, so called “modern life style & social culture”.

I, myself always believe that feeling in love can make us fit and healthy. Feeling of love has always makes us happy and smiles to everyone that we meet. And another important impact of love is, LOVE always makes everyone feel young and energetic. It’s very wonderful to love and be loved. Do give your loves in order to get back all the loves that you needed.

Back to the basic objective of the Training, I have strongly believed that with the feeling of LOVE, we can transform the HR practitioners in every aspect.

When we LOVE our job, will tend to do it as best as possible in order to deliver all the tasks and eventually it would encourage us to perform better than expected because when feeling of LOVE grow deeper, we will become more motivated and thus in whatever ways we will try to strive for the best.

The feeling of LOVE also will be able to navigate the feeling of jealousy. When we can manage to put aside the feeling of jealousy, automatically we will be happy to work with anybody and willingly to support others to strive good result.

The principle of “I support you!” is something that not everybody can sincerely mean it when said. However, through this training, I really got the message how important it is when we are facing a war with the enemies. We need to unite and support each other in order for us to be stronger and able to fight the enemies successfully, like the most popular Malay proverb : “Bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita roboh”.

As a conclusion, the training had really given me a ‘wake-up call’ on how important it is for organization to inculcate the feeling of LOVE or PASSION among the employees as to enable the creation of the environment as mentioned in all the posters such as “I support you”, team work, increase the standard, word is power, everyday is a great day and etc.

Importantly, with the feeling of LOVE, it will be easy for us to adopt and practice the 7 principles that we had outlined as the new HR cultures.

With the feeling of LOVE also, I believed that we will be able to capture the HEART of our customers, and thus will assist us in winning the “WAR”.

Written with passion & love from,
KAMSIAH ABU (Sourcing & Talent Management)


maza said...

gulp! A love story.. heheheheh

salam nekcun itew..

Nek Cun said...

Salam Maza, bukan love story tetapi teraphy untuk hati dan minda... hehehe...

fatimah said...

Assalamualaikum Kam, I gave you more than 3.5m points for your essay. TQ for sharing